Feng Shui Jewelry From the Heart in the Year of the Metal Tiger – A Case Study

Recently, I read this quote from a father: “You are not too young to move mountains.” Mr. Conto was talking to his daughter, Lovetta Conto, who is 17 years old. A Strongheart Fellow, Lovetta created and designed her own jewelry: Akawelle Jewelry. “Aka” stands for “also known as” while “wel’le” means “love.”

Lovetta Conto is a girl who grew up in war-torn Liberia as a refugee. Having escaped with her life, she went back to create transformation and healing with every bullet cast during the war. From her heart, she crafted these castings that had once killed or injured another into beautiful pieces of jewelry that served to remind us of the preciousness of life itself and of those who we hold dear. When wearing the jewelry, we hold these precious memories literally close to our hearts.

At first, the feng shui expert in me started to enumerate the Top 3 No-No’s of such an item:

Feng Shui is about living energy, how to create harmony among those in the present with the past and the future. Thus, we should not be wearing something that has killed or wounded anyone. This carries hurtful energy that affirms dying energy, not alive energy.

Feng Shui weaves in, out, through, and around everything.Things, bullets in this case, that touch people carry energy and eventually a person’s unique energies also touch the objects. Thus, the person’s energies and the objects’ energies interweave and eventually get confused. This misalignment can also affect the next person the object touches.

Feng Shui energy loves to meander like a gently winding river.Bullets travel in straight paths, which create a “sha” or “killing” energy. We like to see what is coming towards us from a horizon, not at point blank. At point blank, we get caught off-guard and some of our “spirit” leaves us temporarily before we re-gather our energies.

Then, the feng shui course wofs.com enthusiast in me saw the other side of the coin, or in this case, the metallic object:

Feminine energy helps transmute, transform, and birth fresh energy. This young lady used a hard masculine metal object as her inspiration for a very feminine form of expression: jewelry or”joyeria,” as known in Spanish. See the word “joy” in joyeria and you automatically see a smile on a woman’s lips.

Feng Shui energy is found in associations and especially in names. Not only is the word “love” in the young lady’s name (Lovetta is her name), “love” is also in the name of the line of jewelry she founded, created, and designed. The triple dose of “love” energy in her name, in the name of her line of jewelry, and even infused in the jewelry itself makes this very potent medicine to heal the hurts that ravaged her home country of Liberia. Put another way, sincerity moves the “Feng Shui gods!”:-)

Feng Shui energy in the year of the Metal Tiger makes this a significant year for this young lady and her line of jewelry. 2010 is the year of the Metal Tiger. People, places, things of a metallic nature will all benefit this year. The word “tiger” in Cantonese Chinese, the primary language in Feng Shui-steeped Hong Kong, is “fu” and also sounds exactly like “bitter.” Only something or someone that has known bitterness will realize what is sweet and profoundly cherish it.

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